Audio – English

Here is where you can find voice reels encompassing different types of voice over in English.

Advert – Upbeat, Fun, Energetic

Adventure Travel Ad. The narrator is looking through possible destinations to travel to and adventures to go. He finally finds an adventurous journey to go on and books it!

Advert – Seasonal, Jolly, Appetizing

Ferrero Rocher Ad. A fictional seasonal ad that can make anyone’s mouth water.

Advert – Corporate, Recruitment, Radio

Carmelo Delia Ad. Carmelo Delia was looking for an after sales executive at the time. This was broadcast on a national radio station.

Advert – Sad, Motivating, Helpful

We all Belong Ad. You can help Charlie get a good quality education. Fictional ad.

Short Film – Confident, Mentor, Persuasive

Cut it Out! A demo from an upcoming short film by the Animation Workshop in Viborg.

E learning – Friendly, Helpful, Calm

A sample from an E-learning project Dean had recorded for the Scout Association of Malta to train new scout leaders.

Telephone IVR – Corporate, Friendly

A Telephone IVR for Databyte

Film – Confused, Distraught, Dangerous

An exert from a film 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is when HAL 9000, the computer AI on board of Dave’s ship, learns of a plot to disengage it, but before it allowed that to happen, it killed his shipmate and locked Dave outside his own ship.