Who is Dean?

Dean is a 24 year old voice over artist based in Malta. he is currently steaming towards completing his pilot’s licence. He currently works at the airport in ground operations, working in the area that prepares a flight for take-off. As of 3 years ago he also took up voice over work as a profession.

Dean was a scout for 16 years and so scouting is a part of him. In scouting is where he primarily learnt to be well organised, committed, dedicated and passionate, some traits that truly shows in his work. he is also an avid cyclist and runner and enjoys riding his bike in nature with friends whilst exploring the beautiful island he’s from.


Voice acting has always been a passion of Dean’s. He has always loved manipulating his voice to mimic different voices and sound effects in front of his friends, and has always wondered whether it was a real job, to which he found out that it was! Dean has been doing voice over for more than 3 years now and has completed a diverse range of projects.

Starting off doing voice over work was a challenge at first and a big learning curve, however it paid off in the end. Now he has his own recording booth and a good quality microphone to record his voice in a crisp and rounded tone.

What is Dean trying to achieve?

Voice over is a passion of his, and therefore he is committed to work hard to provide the best service. He does his work with pride and strives to constantly improve his voices’s many aspects and any diverse skills needed to provide a great final copy. Looking at the fine details has always been a motto for Dean, from fixing the echo in the recording, to re-recording until it feels and sounds flawless.